The temporally controlled expression of Drongo, the fruit fly homolog of AGFG1, is achieved in female germline cells via P-bodies and its localization requires functional Rab11

To achieve proper RNA transport and localization, RNA viruses exploit cellular vesicular trafficking pathways. AGFG1, a host protein essential for HIV-1 and Influenza A replication, has been shown to mediate release of intron-containing viral RNAs from the perinuclear region. It is still unknown what its precise role in this release is, or whether AGFG1 also participates in cytoplasmic transport. We report for the first time the expression patterns during oogenesis for Drongo, the fruit fly homolog of AGFG1. We find that temporally controlled Drongo expression is achieved by translational repression of drongo mRNA within P-bodies. Here we show a first link between the recycling endosome pathway and Drongo, and find that proper Drongo localization at the oocyte's cortex during mid-oogenesis requires functional Rab11.