Theoretical investigation of boundary contours of ground-state atoms in uniform electric fields

2015-11-27T11:26:00Z (GMT) by Hua Shi Dong-Xia Zhao Zhong-Zhi Yang

The boundary contours were investigated for first 54 ground-state atoms of the periodic table when they are in uniform electric fields of strengths 106, 107 and 108 V/m. The atomic characteristic boundary model in combination with an ab-initio method was employed. Some regularities of the deformation of atoms, ΔR, in above electric fields are revealed. Furthermore, atomic polarisabilities of the first 54 elements of the periodic table are shown to correlate strongly with the mean variation rate of atomic radial size divided by the strength of the electric field F, , which provides a predictive method of calculating atomic polarisabilities of 54 atoms.