Three new resin glycosides compounds from <i>Argyreia acuta</i> and their <i>α</i>-glucosidase inhibitory activity

<p>Three new phenolic compounds, acutacoside C (<b>1</b>), acutacoside D (<b>2</b>) and acutacoside E (<b>3</b>) were isolated from the aerial part of <i>Argyreia acuta</i>. The oligosaccharide chain was composed of two glucoses and three rhamnoses, and the aglycone was (11<i>S</i>)-hydroxyhexadecanoic acid (jalapinolic acid). The core of the three compounds was operculinic acid B, which was rare in resin glycosides. Their structures were established by a combination of spectroscopic and chemical methods. Compounds <b>1-3</b> have been evaluated for inhibitory activity against <i>α</i>-glucosidase, which all showed weak inhibitory activities.</p> <p>From the aerial parts of <i>Argyreia acuta</i>, three new pentasaccharide compounds were isolated, identified and evaluated for their <i>a</i>-glucosidase inhibition activity.</p>