Titanium-catalyzed hydrosilylation of olefins: A comparison study on Cp2TiCl2/Sm and Cp2TiCl2/LiAlH4 catalyst system

Hydrosilylation of olefins catalyzed by Cp2TiCl2/Sm (Cp = cyclopentadienyl) under solvent free conditions have been investigated. By using Cp2TiCl2/Sm as catalyst system, β-adducts and hydrogenation products were detected. Hydrosilylation of olefins catalyzed by Cp2TiCl2/LiAlH4 under room temperature has also been studied. The influence of TEMPO (2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl) on Cp2TiCl2/Sm and Cp2TiCl2/LiAlH4, respectively, indicated that hydrosilylation of olefins catalyzed with Cp2TiCl2/Sm went through a free radical reaction pathway while a coordination mechanism was applied for Cp2TiCl2/LiAlH4 catalyst system.