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Two new eremophilenolides from the roots of Ligulariopsis shichuana and their anti-phytopathogenic fungal and antifeedant activities

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journal contribution
posted on 28.12.2017 by Haibo Wu, Tingting Liu, Yuxuan Lian, Wenshu Wang

Two new eremophilenolides, ligushicins A (1) and B (2), and two known compounds including β-sitosterol and ursolic acid were isolated from Ligulariopsis shichuana. The structures of new compounds were established on the basis of 1D and 2D NMR data and HRESIMS data interpretation. The absolute configuration of new compounds was assigned by ECD spectroscopy, and that of ligushicins A (1) was confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. The antifungal and antifeedant activities of new compounds were evaluated against four plant pathogenic fungi and third-instar larvae of Plutella xylostella, respectively. Ligushicins A (1) and B (2) exhibited potent antifungal activity against Botrytis cinerea and Fusarium oxysporum with minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values ranging from 50 to 100 mg/L, while they also exhibited weak antifeedant activities.