Two new linear acetogenins from the fruits of <i>Goniothalamus gracilipes</i>

<p>Two new linear acetogenins, gracilipin A (<b>1</b>) and methylsaccopetrin A (<b>2</b>) along with seven known compounds, saccopetrin A (<b>3</b>), 7,3′,4′-trimethylquercetin (<b>4</b>), rhamnazin (<b>5</b>), casticin (<b>6</b>), isokanugin (<b>7</b>), melisimplexin (<b>8</b>) and 5-hydroxy-3,7-dimethoxy-3′,4′-methylenedioxyflavone (<b>9</b>) were isolated from the fruits of <i>Goniothalamus gracilipes</i> Bân. Their structures were established by spectral analysis, such as mass spectrometry, 1D-NMR, 2D-NMR and circular dichroism (CD). Compounds <b>1</b> and <b>3</b> showed cytotoxic activity against KB cell line with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 14.6 and 15.3 μM, respectively.</p>