Two new triterpenoids from <i>Gardenia jasminoides</i> fruits

<p>A new cycloartane triterpenoid, named gardenolic acid C (<b>1</b>), a new ursane triterpenoid, named 3<i>β</i>,16<i>β</i>,21<i>β</i>,23,24-pentahydroxy urs-12,18,20-trien-28-oic acid γ-lactone (<b>2</b>), together with three know triterpenoids, gardenolic acid A (<b>3</b>), gardenolic acid B (<b>4</b>), and 3<i>α</i>,16<i>β</i>,23,24-tetrahydroxy-28-nor-ursane-12,17,19,21-tetraen (<b>5</b>) were isolated from the fruits of <i>Gardenia jasminoides</i> Ellis. The structures of these compounds were elucidated by analyses of spectroscopic data. All isolates were evaluated for their neuroprotective effects <i>in vitro</i>.</p> <p></p>