Variable Selection in Kernel Regression Using Measurement Error Selection Likelihoods

This article develops a nonparametric shrinkage and selection estimator via the measurement error selection likelihood approach recently proposed by Stefanski, Wu, and White. The measurement error kernel regression operator (MEKRO) has the same form as the Nadaraya–Watson kernel estimator, but optimizes a measurement error model selection likelihood to estimate the kernel bandwidths. Much like LASSO or COSSO solution paths, MEKRO results in solution paths depending on a tuning parameter that controls shrinkage and selection via a bound on the harmonic mean of the pseudo-measurement error standard deviations. We use small-sample-corrected AIC to select the tuning parameter. Large-sample properties of MEKRO are studied and small-sample properties are explored via Monte Carlo experiments and applications to data. Supplementary materials for this article are available online.