<i>Exo</i>- and <i>endo</i>-hedral interactions of counteranions with tetracationic Pd<sub>2</sub>L<sub>4</sub> metallosupramolecular architectures

2014-05-19T14:54:29Z (GMT) by James E.M. Lewis James D. Crowley
<div><p>A series of [Pd<sub>2</sub>L<sub>4</sub>]<sup>4+</sup>(X<sup>− </sup>)<sub>4</sub> metallosupramolecular architectures have been synthesised where X<sup>− </sup> = , , OTf<sup>− </sup>, OMs<sup>− </sup> or OTs<sup>− </sup> and L = 2,6-bis(pyridin-3-ylethynyl)pyridine. These systems have been characterised by NMR, IR and UV–vis spectroscopies, mass spectrometry, elemental analysis and, in several cases, by X-ray crystallography. Using these solution- and solid-state methods, we have investigated the exohedral and endohedral interactions of various anions with these cationic assemblies.</p></div>