<i>In</i>-<i>silico</i> interaction of RNA silencing suppressors of velvet bean severe mosaic virus with DICER domains

<p><i>Velvet bean severe mosaic virus</i> (VbSMV), a bipartite begomovirus causes severe mosaic, downward curling of the leaves, stunting of the plants in velvet beans (<i>Mucuna pruriens</i>). VbSMV contains two potential viral suppressors of RNA silencing, AC2 and AV2. To understand the mechanism of suppression of host defence and interaction of VSRs with host DICER, the <i>in-silico</i> interaction study was performed. Evidence of interaction of the AC2 protein with the type III restriction enzyme domain, helicase superfamily c-terminal domain and transcription repair coupling factor, whereas AV2 protein with ribonuclease III C terminal domain, ERCC4-related helicase domain, ribonuclease III domain, Dicer dimerization domain, type III restriction enzyme RES subunit and transcription repair coupling factor were found. This is the first <i>in-silico</i> evidence of interaction of any begomoviral VSRs (viral suppressors of RNA silencing) with Dicer of host.</p>