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Fossil frogs from the upper Miocene of southwestern Brazilian Amazonia (Solimões Formation, Acre Basin).

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posted on 05.08.2022, 16:21 authored by Fellipe P. Muniz, Marcos César Bissaro-Júnior, Edson Guilherme, Jonas P. De Souza-Filho, Francisco R. Negri, Annie S. Hsiou

Much of what we know about late Miocene vertebrates from the Brazilian Amazonia is based on the fossil record from several sites in the Solimões Formation. The Talismã site, one of the most important for vertebrate fossils in the formation, has produced an abundant and diverse fauna dominated by crocodylians, mammals, and turtles, but small vertebrates are still underrepresented. We report some isolated bones recovered from this site, providing the first Neogene records of anurans in Brazil. Two taxa are recognized, a distinct species of Pipa, and an unidentified species of the Rhinella clade, both of which are members of the extant Amazonian batrachofauna. These new fossils expand our knowledge of the late Miocene anuran assemblages from the region and contribute to the paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the site.