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Model-based joint curve registration and classification

posted on 14.01.2022, 11:20 by Lin Tang, Pengcheng Zeng, Jian Qing Shi, Won-Seok Kim

In this paper, we consider the problem of classification of misaligned multivariate functional data. We propose to use a model-based approach for the joint registration and classification of such data. The observed functional inputs are modeled as a functional nonlinear mixed effects model containing a nonlinear functional fixed effect constructed upon warping functions to account for curve alignment, and a nonlinear functional random effects component to address the variability among subjects. The warping functions are also modeled to accommodate common effect within groups and the variability between subjects. Then, a functional logistic regression model defined upon the representation of the aligned curves and scalar inputs is used to account for curve classification. EM-based algorithms are developed to perform maximum likelihood inference of the proposed models. The identifiability of the registration model and the asymptotical properties of the proposed method are established. The performance of the proposed procedure is illustrated via simulation studies and an analysis of a hyoid bone movement data application. The statistical developments proposed in this paper were motivated by the hyoid bone movement study, the methodology is designed and presented generality and can be applied to numerous areas of scientific research.