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Supplementary Tables 1-9. Genetic Polymorphisms in the microsomal Epoxide Hydrolase (mEH) gene in relation to tobacco smoking: role in lung cancer susceptibility and survival in North Indian Lung cancer patients undergoing platinum-based chemotherapy

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posted on 2021-10-21, 13:51 authored by Harleen Kaur Waliaa, Navneet Singhb, Siddharth Sharmaa
Supplementary Figure 1. Interaction dendrogram between EPHX1 Tyr113His and EPHX1 His139Arg and lung cancer risk.

Supplementary Table 1. Demographic characteristics among cases and controls

Supplementary Table 2. Relationship of different EPHX1 polymorphisms on the basis of gender

Supplementary Table 3. Combinatorial analysis of the risk associated with different polymorphic sites of EPHX1 gene

Supplementary Table 4. Combined effects of Tyr113His (rs2854455) and His139Arg (rs2234922) risk alleles and risk of lung cancer

Supplementary Table 5. Genotypic and allelic distribution of the EPHX1 genetic variant and its association with risk of lung cancer as Surrogate of Enzyme Activity

Supplementary Table 6. Haplotype frequencies and lung cancer risk associated with EPHX1 haplotypes

Supplementary Table 7. Multifactor dimensionality reduction analysis showing interactions of EPHX1 variants with lung cancer risk

Supplementary Table 8. Relationship of different genotypes with the clinical-pathological parameters

Supplementary Table 9. Relationship of genotypic distribution with clinic-pathological parameter on the basis of response to chemotherapy