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posted on 2022-03-14, 10:55 authored by Abdullah Al Saba, Maisha Adiba, Sajib Chakraborty, A.H.M. Nurun Nabi
Supplementary File 1.
Rules of Ui-Tei, Reynolds and Amarzguioui

Supplementary File 2: Sheet 1. Sequences having accessions starting with “FR”, “HG”, “LC”, “LR”, “OA”, “OB”, “OC” and “OD”

Supplementary File 2: Sheet 2. Number of sequences taken from each month

Supplementary File 2: Sheet 3. Sequences which do not have Orf 8 protein

Supplementary File 2: Sheet 4. Number of protein sequences retrieved for each protein

Supplementary file 2: Sheet 5. Pango lineage distribution of 992 sequences
Supplementary File 2: Sheet 6. Number of sequences belonging to each Pango lineage

Supplementary File2: Sheet 7. Conserved region of coding region sequences of 13 SARS-CoV-2 proteins

Supplementary File 3.
FILTER CRITERIA of Sirna module of S-fold: ("<=": less than or equal to)

Supplementary File 4: Sheet 1.
Finally selected siRNAs with some parameters computed by siRNA of S-fold

Supplementary File 4: Sheet 2
Finally selected with different scores computed by i-Score designer

Supplementary File 5
siRNA guide strand and Ago2 interacting residues, bond category, bond types and distance

Supplementary File 6
siRNA double strand and Ago2 interacting residues, bond category, bond types and distance


Part of this research work was supported by the establishment developed from the special grants (Code#1280101-120008431-3631107) provided by Information and Communication Technology Division under the Ministry of Posts, Telecommunications & Information Technology, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh (2019-2020).


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