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The synthesis of unsymmetrically substituted triphenylenes through controlled construction of the core and subsequent aromatic substitution reactions – a perspective and update

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posted on 16.07.2015, 05:58 by Andrew N. Cammidge, Grace Obi, Rebecca J. Turner, Simon J. Coles, Graham J. Tizzard

George Gray was enthusiastic about the emergence and scientific developments in the field of discotic liquid crystals, taking particular interest in our early work to develop new synthetic methods to widen the area. In this article, an overview of the strength and versatility of the synthetic chemistry is presented, along with two updates. The first describes a simple modification that allows easy preparation of 2,3-dialkoxytriphenylene without overreaction, and the second highlights another unexpected synthesis outcome where bromination and nitration of a tetra-alkoxytriphenylene precursor leads to two different regiochemical outcomes.