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Who are the voters and where are they? Using spatial statistics to analyse voting patterns in the parliamentary elections of the Czech Republic

posted on 24.09.2020, 10:10 authored by Jakub Lysek, Jiří Pánek, Tomáš Lebeda

The mapping of election results has long been a popular topic among cartographers, journalists, data scientists and infographic authors. However, their work usually concludes with simple visualizations of a single election, and in most cases only the winning party is represented. Can we tell the story of a political party over two decades via maps? What were the reasons for the rise and fall of such party; in our case the Czech Social Democrats? Moreover, how were the changes in voting patterns spatially distributed and manifested? With our paper, we explore voting patterns as well as the voting history of specific parties related to the fate of Social Democrats in the Czech Republic in several national elections from 2006 to 2017. We would like to invite other political scientists to explore the election results in their countries, not just over time, but also in space, and ideally via maps.