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Rotation of the uterus to obtain a lower transverse incision in the posterior wall in a cesarean section: a case report and literature review

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posted on 2023-05-26, 02:40 authored by Xi Tan, Aiyun Xing, An Tong

To demonstrate that cesarean section with a transverse incision at the lower posterior wall of the uterus is suitable for some special obstetric cases.

A 35-year-old primigravida with a previous surgical history of laparoscopic myomectomy underwent elective cesarean section at 39 weeks and 2 days of gestation. During surgery, there were severe pelvic adhesions and engorged vessels on the anterior wall. Considering safety, we rotated the uterus 180 degrees and made a lower transverse incision on the posterior wall. The infant was healthy and the patient had no complications.

A low transverse incision in the posterior uterine wall is safe and effective when the incision of the anterior wall encounters a dilemma, especially in patients with severe pelvic adhesions. We recommended this approach should be done in selected cases.


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