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Title Comparison of Methylation Episignatures in KMT2B and KMT2D-related human disorders. Supplementary figures and tables

posted on 2022-05-04, 07:25 authored by Eamonn R. Maher, Manju A. Kurian, Siddharth Banka, Ezequiel Martin, Belen Perez, Fay Rodger, Laura Cif, Katy Barwick, Eguzkine Ochoa, Sunwoo Lee, Graeme Clarke, France Docquier


[Supplementary Figure 1] Schematic of exon-intron structure of KMT2B in chromosome 19 and KMT2D transcript in chromosome 12 (GRCh37/hg19) 

[Supplementary Figure 2] DMPs showing significant GOM (gain of methylation) or LOM (loss of methylation) in DYT-KMT2B (nDMP=1,812) and KS1 samples (nDMP=89)

[Supplementary Figure 3] Genome-wide DNA methylation signature of KS1 samples without KMT2D_5 sample (nKS1=9, ncontrol=29)

[Supplementary Figure 4] Methylation profiling of significant gain– or loss– of methylation in both DYT-KMT2B and KS1 cohort (nDYT-KMT2B=10, nKS1=9, ncontrol=29)

[Supplementary Table 1 - 8] Separate excel or tsv files attached

(Supplementary_table_1)_Sequencing reads

(Supplementary_table_2)_CpG sites information

(Supplementary_table_3)_CpG Islands and associated genes information

(Supplementary_table_4)_Top ranking genes for DYT-KMT2B

(Supplementary_table_5)_Significant diffmethsite betavalue KMT2B

(Supplementary_table_6)_Significant diffmethsite betavalue KMT2D

(Supplementary_table_7)_Significant diffmethsite betavalue KMT2D without KMT2D5

(Supplementary_table_8)_Significant diffmethsite betavalue KMT2D+KMT2B without KMT2D5