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A new ferulol derivative isolated from the aerial parts of Ferulago nodosa (L.) Boiss. growing in Sicily (Italy)

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posted on 13.05.2022, 19:20 by Natale Badalamenti, Alessandro Vaglica, Antonella Maggio, Maurizio Bruno

Ferulago nodosa (L.) Boiss. (Apiaceae) is a species occurring in the Balkan-Tyrrhenian area being present in Crete, Greece, Albania, and probably in Macedonia. Although the western disjointed population of Sicily has been classified as an endemic sub-species, F. nodosa subsp. geniculata (Guss.) Troia & Raimondo, it is not officially accepted. From the aerial parts of the Sicilian accession of this species four known metabolites (14), and a new ferulol derivative (5), were isolated and characterized. The structure of the new compounds was determined by mean of extensive NMR spectroscopic experiments.


This work was supported by grant from MIUR-ITALY PRIN 2017 (Project N. 2017A95NCJ).