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Cadmium impurities in traditional herbal medicinal products with Thymi herba available in Polish pharmacies – short communication: the level of Cd impurities and comprehensive toxicological risk assessment

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posted on 23.06.2022, 15:00 authored by Kamil Jurowski, Mirosław Krośniak

Traditional herbal medicinal products (THMP) with Thymi herba are very popular as OTC among the European population. The aim of this article was the toxicological risk assessment (TRA) of Cd impurities in THMP with Thymi herba from Polish pharmacies. The estimations of Cd impurities in the single dose (1.10–12.90 µg/single dose) and in the daily dose (ng/day) were based on the worst-case scenario (WC), i.e. based on the dosage indicated in the community herbal monograph on Thymus vulgaris L. and Thymus zygis L., herba by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). The estimated daily exposure (ng/day) meets the standards of the ICH Q3D (R1) guideline (5.0 µg/day) according to the Cd levels (all results were below 40 ng/day). It can be concluded that all THMPs analysed with Thymi herba from Polish pharmacies should not represent any health risk to the human health.


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