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Identification and evaluation of antibacterial agents present in lipophilic fractions isolated from sub-products of Phoenix dactilyfera

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posted on 13.04.2017, 07:16 by Najla Bentrad, Rabéa Gaceb-Terrak, Fatma Rahmania

In this study, the dried powder of seeds and pollen of Phoenix dactylifera was extracted using Soxhlet extractor and biochemical composition of lipophilic extracts was analysed by GCMS. Then, we have tested the antibacterial effect of fatty acids and volatile compounds found in these sub-products. The results revealed that the main fatty acids found in Deglet Nour seeds is are oleic acid (42.06%) followed by capric acid (24.16%), Takerbucht seeds extract contains mostly oleic acid (40.59%) and palmitic acid (20.19%), while Bent Kbala seed extract is rich in cis-vaccenic acid (52.09%) followed by capric acid (16.71%). Pollen extract have shown for the first time the richness in 14-methyl palmitic acid (33.31%), linoleic acid (31.16%) and linolenic acid (25.78%). Some of these elements seem to have a significant effect against some pathogenic bacteria.