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Integrated geological map of the São Roque Domain, North of São Paulo City – Brazil

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journal contribution
posted on 20.10.2014 by Renato Henrique-Pinto, Valdecir de Assis Janasi, Bruna Borges Carvalho, Bruno de Oliveira Calado, Carlos Henrique Grohmann

The São Roque Domain has an extensive geological cartographic base that began in the nineteenth century with the works performed by the Geographic and Geological Commission of São Paulo Province. The first more detailed geological maps of geological substrate of the São Paulo city and neighboring areas were executed in the decades of 1940–1950, and culminated in the integrated maps by José Moacyr Vianna Coutinho published in the 1970s. As part of a systematic geological mapping campaign led by PRÓ-MINÉRIO, most of the São Roque Domain was mapped at 1:50,000 scales; these maps, and others at the same or more detailed scale published mostly in the 1980s, are only available in unpublished academic theses and reports. This article presents an integrated map of most of the São Roque Domain based on all the available maps and some new stratigraphic and geochronological data that appeared in recent local literature.