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Pineapple Fiber Hybrids Prepared by the Fusion of radiation-induced Graft Polymerization and Kabachnik-Fields three-component Reaction (RIGP-KF3CR)

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posted on 05.08.2022, 16:41 authored by Bin Jeremiah D. Barba, Celine Grace V. Causapin, Patrick Jay E. Cabalar, John Andrew A. Luna, Noriaki Seko, Masaaki Omichi, Ryohei Kakuchi, Jordan F. Madrid

The fusion of multicomponent reactions and polymer chemistry allows the synthesis of polymeric materials that contain special classes of molecules that are otherwise difficult to produce. In this study, a locally available nonwoven fabric composed of pineapple fibers and polylactic acid (piñatex) was modified by radiation-induced graft polymerization (RIGP) of vanillin methacrylate, a lignin-derived monomer. RIGP yielded organic hybrids made from a natural, renewable, and biodegradable substrate, and surface aldehyde groups from vanillin. The grafted fabric was prepared by gamma pre-irradiation at 50 kGy, exhibiting an increasing degree of grafting with increasing reaction time and monomer concentration. Post-polymerization modification carried out using Kabachnik-Fields three-component reaction (KF3CR) enabled the immobilization of amine and phosphite moieties on the fabric. FTIR, SEM-EDS and XPS analysis of 8 amine and phosphite combinations showed the presence of the corresponding elements and functional groups, indicating successful surface functionalization through RIGP-KF3CR. All modified natural fibers-based fabrics displayed enhanced thermal stability without obvious radiation degradation effects. Synthesized natural fibers contain α-aminophosphonate pendants which may be useful in the selective adsorption and recovery of industry valuable metals.


This work was funded by the Department of Science and Technology -Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (DOST-JSPS) Joint Scientific Research Program, under Project number 08575 entitled, “Preparation of Crown Ethers and Alpha-aminophosphonates Decorated Natural Fibers-based Hybrids Metal Ion Adsorbents by Fusing Multicomponent-reaction and Radiation-grafting of Polymers; Department of Science and Technology - Philippines [08575];