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Tumor Reduction Potentials of Vernonia Cinerea Sesquiterpenes by Induction of Ferroptosis

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posted on 2023-05-26, 00:20 authored by Jimsy Johnson, Leyon Varghese

The anti lymphoma potentials of Vernonia cinerea were evaluated. In a short-term in vitro study, ethyl acetate extract (VCEA) was found to be cytotoxic to DLA cells with an LC50 of 61.24 μg mL−1. GC-MS analysis of VCEA revealed presence of several volatile molecules including nerolidol. Molecular docking study using nerolidol with Ferroportin-1 predicted strong binding affinity, indicating ferroptosis induction which was later confirmed by in vitro assays. VCEA also demonstrated strong reduction in the proliferation of YAC-1, another lymphoma cell line with G2/M arrest leading to apoptosis. The tumor reduction potentials of VCEA was further confirmed using the DLA-induced solid tumor model in mice.