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Supplemental Video 2: Urea-amino-sugar agent clears the murine liver and preserves protein fluorescence and lipophilic dyes

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posted on 2021-02-04, 15:08 authored by Michelle Hough, Michael Fenlon, Alison Glazier, Celia ShortCelia Short, Gerardo Esteban Fernandez, Jiabo Xu, Elaa Mahdi, Kinji Asahina, Kasper S Wang

Supplemental Video 2. Preservation of Col1a1GFP, tdTomato, and Di-D tracer dye emission in sham or BDL condition in the murine liver after clearing with Ub-1. 3D video rendered by confocal microscopy shows Di-D-labelled bile ducts (blue) with sparse tdTomato-labeled Prom1-expressing HPCs (red) and GFP-labelled Col1a1-expressing cells (green) proximally in sham condition.