All-Silicon Zeolite Supported Pt Nanoparticles for Green On-Board Inert Gas Generation System

Green On-board Inert Gas Generation System (GOBIGGS) is regarded as one of the most promising routes for fuel tank inerting, whose operation efficiency can be remarkably promoted by an excellent catalyst. In the present work, three kinds of all-silicon zeolite-supported Pt nanoparticles, Pt/Si-Beta, Pt/Si-ZSM-5, Pt/SBA-15 were prepared and characterized. The activities of these catalysts for flameless combustion of fuel samples were investigated on a self-designed apparatus. The results show that among these tested catalysts, Pt/Si-Beta has the best catalytic activity, which can catalyze the complete combustion of methylcyclohexane and aviation kerosene RP-3 at 166°C and 241°C, respectively. The superb activity of Pt/Si-Beta can be ascribed to its striking hydrocarbon adsorption capacity. It can also be found that the 1.0 wt% loading amount of Pt is appropriate to meet the actual demand of the GOBIGGS system, considering catalytic effects and costs. Moreover, Pt/Si-Beta tends to exhibit superior activity and stability even in different humidity and space velocity environments for a long time. It can maintain a conversion rate of around 98% even after 30 h of continuous using. All of these show that Pt/Si-Beta has the potential to be applied to the GOBIGGS system.