Efficient biosorption of Pb(II) on Pteris vittata L. from aqueous solution using pulsed plate column technique

Biosorption is an alternative method of remediation that is devoid of the limitations associated with physiochemical techniques. This paper investigates the ability of the pteridophyte, Pteris vittata L., proven to have heavy metal hyper-accumulation capacity in living forms, to adsorb Pb(II) from an aqueous system in its powdered and pelletized form. At best-operating conditions, P. vittata L. pinnae powder exhibited Pb(II) biosorption capacity of 125 mg/g. Bench-scale Pulsed Plate column studies using pelletized biosorbent demonstrated continuous Pb(II) removal efficiency of 99.93%. With no commercial value and application, untreated P. vittata is a potential resource that will contribute to biosorption technology.