Evaluation of Fe-Functionalized 4A Zeolite as Ozone Catalyst for an Enhancement of Hydroxyl Radical Pathway in a Multiphase Reactor

2018-09-05T16:06:45Z (GMT) by Xue Li Dong Wang Shuo Zhang

Iron doping 4A zeolite (Fe-4A) was prepared and demonstrated as ozone catalyst to enhance hydroxyl radical (HO·) pathway. Fe-4A composites with different iron load were characterized, and the catalytic effects were discussed dealing with para-chlorobenzoic acid (p-CBA), atrazine (ATZ), and oxalic acid (OA) as model compounds. Results showed that Fe-4A/ozone system promoted the production of HO·, which was in-line with the strength of Lewis acidity that might have accelerated ozone-to-HO· transformation. Modeled RCT value validated the enhanced HO· exposure during catalysis that was more evident for 4%-Fe-4A. The Fe-4A exhibited structural stability and allows repeated use after facile regeneration.