Perimedine-linked rhodamine dye in visual sensing of Al3+, Fe3+ and Fe2+ ions in aqueous organic medium under different experimental conditions

2019-07-02T14:26:13Z (GMT) by Subhendu Mondal Kumaresh Ghosh

Perimedine labelled rhodamine dye 1 has been designed and synthesised. Metal ion binding studies of 1 have been performed in CH3CN/H2O (3:1, v/v, 10 mM Tris-HCl buffer, pH = 6.90). Compound 1 senses multiple metal ions such as Al3+, Fe3+ and Fe2+ by exhibiting turn on fluorescence and colour change (colourless to pink) under different experimental conditions. Concentration variation distinguishes Al3+ from Fe3+ ion. At low concentration (c = 1 x 10−4 M), only Al3+ ion can exhibit turn on fluorescence with sharp colour change. Sensing of Fe2+ ion through turn on fluorescence and colour change has been possible via in situ oxidation by following Fenton’s reaction.