RhIII-catalyzed annulation of N-methoxyindozamides with heterobicyclic alkenes towards indolo[3,2-c]heteroarenes

A rhodium-catalyzed annulation protocol towards indolo[3,2-c]-1-azaanthraenes and successive treatment with different acids, which offered diverse indolo[3,2-c]-heteroarenes, were herein demonstrated. The transition metal-mediated system offered a direct and facile approach towards the heterocyclic compounds of great significance, enjoying high efficiency and good functional groups compatibility.

An annulation reaction between N-methoxyindozamides and heterobicyclic alkenes was herein disclosed. The Rh-Ag-cocatalyzed system offered a direct approach towards various indolo[3,2-c]-1-azaanthraenes in high efficiency and good functional group tolerance. Successive treatment of acids gave different products of great importance.