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TOR signaling downregulation increases resistance to the cereal killer Fusarium graminearum

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posted on 11.12.2017 by Néstor R. Aznar, V. Fabiana Consolo, Graciela L. Salerno, Giselle M.A. Martínez-Noël

TOR is the master regulator of growth and development that senses energy availability. Biotic stress perturbs metabolic and energy homeostasis, making TOR a good candidate to participate in the plant response. Fusarium graminearum (Fusarium) produces important losses in many crops all over the world. To date, the role of TOR in Fusarium infection has remained unexplored. Here, we show that the resistance to the pathogen increases in different Arabidopsis mutants impaired in TOR complex or in wild-type plants treated with a TOR inhibitor. We conclude that TOR signaling is involved in plant defense against Fusarium.