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Twelve tips for designing, implementing and sustaining interprofessional training units on hospital wards

posted on 2023-09-09, 16:40 authored by Saskia C. M. Oosterbaan-Lodder, Joyce Kors, Cora L. F. Visser, Birgitte Mørk Kvist, Rashmi A. Kusurkar, Fedde Scheele

Dedicated Interprofessional Training Units (ITUs) in hospital wards are one way to prepare healthcare students for Interprofessional patient-centered care. Based on theoretical foundations, research, and our lived experiences of successes as well as failures, we propose 12 tips on how to prepare, implement, and sustain a dedicated ITU, combining the Grol & Wensing model for planning change with the Self-determination Theory of motivation. Start with a steering group, with a dedicated project leader, to translate awareness of the need for an ITU into wider awareness and motivation among stakeholders, with the ITU being a solution to authentic problems. Create shared ownership by jointly formulating feasible educational goals and starting with a pilot to provide opportunities for change. Motivate all stakeholders by stimulating their autonomy, interprofessional competence as well as relatedness to each other, in line with the Self-determination Theory. Confirm the value of the ITU at all stages and embed the ITU in the organizational strategy.


This article was funded by the OLVG Scientific Research Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.